Amam was founded in 2018 as a space to create beautifully crafted work.

Amam was founded in 2018 as a space to create beautifully crafted work.

Amam Studio was founded in 2018 by Hana and Erblin  as a space to create beautifully crafted work that supports innovative projects and work that makes a positive impact.

It all started when they first met in 2017. They were both in love with graphic & motion design. As a combination of their passion for creating visually appealing stories, Erblin's curiosity in the tech & startup industry, and Hana's desire to make a positive impact in society, Amam Studio was born.

Amam started its journey with a personal project: Videosinteza. Videosinteza is a platform for youngsters following an alternative education approach in Kosovo. Utilizing the power of storytelling, illustration, and motion design, the platform raised awareness and proposed solutions on topics such as "How to save the environment" (2018) and "What is the menstrual cycle" (2020).

Witnessing how their work brings positive impact, it became the core of AMAM to use their creativity, skills, and knowledge for education and awareness-raising projects.

Today Amam Studio includes a diverse portfolio and works created for The Guardian, NHS, UNDP, European Union in Kosovo and many other international organizations, agencies, and brands.

Our values

Always be curious

Make an impact

Have fun

Hana and Erblin founders of Amam Studio

Visual learners at we strive to use design to communicate messages clearer and faster.

As visual learners, our mission is to use graphics as a language tool that helps brands communicate and engage with their audiences. Data shows that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, which shows the importance of visuals in broadcasting messages, especially in the digital world.

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ABC approach

From our very first days, Amam’s goal was to help businesses, brands, institutions, and NGOs to communicate with their communities through thoughtfully crafted visuals.

Our work is centered on creating a visual language that helps brands communicate ideas to their communities. From educational & explainer videos to motion toolkits, from smaller illustrations to illustration systems, our visual storytelling benefits all those in need to show a unique perspective.

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To deliver the best work, we partner with freelancers worldwide. We select them based on the needs of each project. We love fun, creative,progressive-thinking professionals who share our passion for visual storytelling.

If you think we could match energies, hit us up!

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