Amam is a design-driven studio helping brands communicate ideas through illustration & motion design.

Amam is a design-driven studio
helping brands communicate ideas
through illustration & motion design.

We educate communities, simplify complex processes and promote solutions for clients who develop digital innovations and the ones who fight to create a positive impact.

Work we provide is driven by our love for design: eager to discover new shapes to play with, and by our curiosity - thirsty for knowledge in every project we engage with.

Our visual knack, thorough research and well-defined work process help us deliver high-quality work, one project at a time.




Selected work

"I had the luck to find Amam studio back in 2021 when I was in need of animation help with a project I was working on. Collaborating with Hana and Erblin it's been a pleasure since the first day and they have always been reliable and efficient. They are an incredibly talented studio which I completely trust and recommend. We worked on other projects thereafter and I would always consider them at the top of my list when in need of artists. On top of that I feel very lucky to say that they now are not just collaborators but also great friends of mine."

Francesca de Bassa

Senior Creative

Visual learners at we strive to use design to communicate messages clearer and faster.

Our mission is to help brands create a better visual learning experience for their communities.

With over two-third of the population being visual learners, we believe thoughtfully crafted-colorful & bold graphics are the way to get the message into peoples’ minds (and hearts).

"Amam is no different, but better. In addition to their fluent, easy to grasp and beautiful designs in illustrations, they've mastered the creative process. With the introduction of a step-by-step application of their understanding of the subject into an animated product, it leaves no room for mistakes, bad surprises nor dissatisfaction. As a client, I have never felt more involved in creating a product but in the same time not having to do much. I could not recommend Amam enough to animate your ideas, products or a service."

Veton Kasapolli

Communications Manager

Hana, Erblin and the whole team at Amam Studio have been a great partner on multiple projects. They always find ways to add interest, value and creativity into projects. They are always my first choice when our team needs them and its because they plug right in, with a positive attitude. I love that.

Thomas Wrench

Media Director